Discontinue of Dataton SMARTPAX QC control units

We want to inform our customers, that the Product line Dataton TRAX with their Dataton's SMARTPAX QC system will be officially discontinued at the end
of 2006. Although this product range of slide control units has been extremely successful for the last 15 years, the key components used in the units are no longer
available. Continued manufacture is therefore not possible. This decision also applies to smartlink units. Once the current stock of QC units are sold, Dataton will not be manufacturing more.

If you still want some parts as a backup or replacement unit, please contact our MAD sales representativ as soon as possible and we will try to get a hand on those units for you.

Dataton will, of course, honour warranty obligations for these products, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this matter directly.


Nicolas J. Artley
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