New design of MAD´s website

Nicolas J. Artley from Cingo Studios, part of the MediaArt & Design Group, is in the process of relaunching it´s business website in the UK. Following the new design, the website is going to have a new "preview and download" section, where interested customers can get a direct, hasle-free look on the media they are going to order and to get a first impression about the quality they will get.
Cingo studios is changing constantly the content of the website.
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Workshop: Immersive Cinema

Nicolas J. Artley from Cingo Studios, working for the ZEISS Planetarium Münster of the Westphalian States Museum, will participate at the first european conference about Immersive Cinema from September 12th - 16th, 2005 held by Negeva Fundation at Centro Multimeios in Espinho, Portugal.

International speakers will be Ed Lantz (Visual Bandwidth), Harald Singer (LivinGlobe), Benjamin Crabut (RSA Cosmos), Robin Sip (MirageIIID), Tim Horn (Planetarium Hamburg), Michael Daut (Evans & Sutherland), David McConville (Elumenati Inc.), Johan Gijsenbergs (Sky-Skan Inc., Europe), Staffan Klashed (SCISS) and Ian Dyer (SEOS).

More information at http://fulldome.multimeios.pt
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New computer animation available

MediaArt & Design (MAD) released in cooperation with Cingo Studios a new astronomical computer animation. This new work shows the Algol double-star system and the movement of the stars. Dipl.-Phys. Michael Nolte of the Planetarium Münster worked in close relationship with MAD in giving his expertise. "There had been no right visualisation of these star system. It was always showing one star moving around the other one. This CGI shows both stars moving around each other, exactly as it should be." said Mr. Nolte.

The new video clip is available for museums and planetariums under public common licence fee and for TV broadcasts. Please contact our sales department.
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