music specifications

All Tracks are:
  • 16-bit high quality digital audio
  • MP3 files are full quality and encoded with 256 kbps
  • Low quality mp3 files are encoded with 90 kbps
  • WAV files sample rate is 48khz 16-bit stereo
  • compatible with AES standards for digital audio

All our CD titles are provided as a standard high audio CD.

If you would like to listen to tracks in any other format such as MP3 or WAV, let us know. We will transfer the tracks to the appropriate format and burn them to a CD, which we will send out to you.

Any of the tracks are from our music collection can now be licensed to meet your specific requirements and level of use. Whether you need a guide on how to license our music in your own territory or worldwide, a free music search or to simply request any or all of our albums on CD please contact