about nicolas-james artley

Nicolas J. Artley
Nicolas-James Artley studied "Multimedia Production" at Rheinische University of Applied Sciences Cologne. He specialised in research, development and computer animation techniques for immersive projection systems. This "FullDome" or "Immersive Cinema" technologies are adapted for planetarium visualisations, at museum, leisure centres and on expo booth designs. His company is engaged in promotion work, marketing, web- and video design and in modern interactive learning technologies.

His engagement in the media field began as producer of a monthly radio broadcast at Osnabrück radio station. "Radio Stargazer", a new media concept, which brought popular science to the public by use of main stream media for example science fiction. The station aired the broadcast for 3 years.

Now qualified as media consultant and trainer, he worked with youth groups and bringing media also to both younger and older generations.

Additionally, over a period of nine years, he worked since then as a freelance science educator at the ZEISS Planetarium of the "Westphalian State Museum of Natural History". He presented and supported shows in a state of the art equipped 65 ft. (20 metre) dome with a new, fully computerized fibre optical, mechanical star projector ZEISS Universarium VIII, a stack of 48 slide projectors, 2 video beamers and a TARM® laser system running under Sollinger DSP.

Nicolas J. Artley is a trained civil engineering draughtsman and qualified in planning of local purification plants, monitoring of precipitation drains and skilled in surveying.

He did his 2 year conscript service as assistant to a Lieutenant Colonel, Military Geography Corps Officer at 1st German/Netherlands corps. He prepared regional military studies, advised and supported international forces (military and non-military crisis management / humanitarian aid) with topographic information at the time of the Kosovo conflict. He also evaluated branch specific computer requirements and supervised installations.

Nicolas worked for the office for green spaces and environmental protection within Münster town authority doing graphical work with GIS and in public relations. During this time he started to work as freelancer in the field of media setting up his own company MediaArt & Design. This led to winning a design award for a new corporate design of one of the town´s departments.

In his spare time he enjoy´s reading, flying radio-controlled model planes, sailing or canoeing and GeoCaching (visit new places with a GPS device to find some "treasure").